Dog Exposes Couple’s Fake Workout-Watch Video!


Social media users are in splits after watching a video where in a dog unwittingly exposing his owner’s fake workout. In the video going massively viral online, a woman is seen faking a headstand by pretending to stand, with head down, against a wall. It seems as if she is performing a headstand. Next to her sits a man on a chair, busy reading his newspaper. What fools us initially that it’s not a workout and instead, the two people are actually lying on the floor – successfully tricking people into thinking that a tough workout is in progress.

The woman might have gotten away with it too – were it not for her dog, who hilariously foils the plan by walking in happily at an inopportune moment.

“Everything was going well, until the dog ruined everything,” wrote Facebook user Paulinho Martins while sharing the video on the social media.

Watch the video below: