‘Doctor on Wheels’ a blessing for the elderly and bedridden

Joseph Alex, managing trustee of Signature Foundation which is a geriatric care centre in Ernakulam, wanted to go the extra mile and serve the medical needs of the elderly in an uncomplicated manner.

His long-term dream was eventually set in stone on January 1, 2021. ‘Doctor on Wheels’ comprises a team — a doctor, nurse and attender — at the beck and call of the elderly at their homes. According to Joseph, the initiative is a part of his ‘mission to make the lives of senior citizens effortless’. “Even Signature Aged Care began on similar lines.

After I saw an elderly woman being abused by a home nurse, I was bent on creating a better and safer atmosphere for senior citizens. I left my corporate career and began the foundation with my wife. Until now, we’ve served 650 patients at our facility and over 170 people have had a peaceful death so far,” says Joseph.

‘Doctor on Wheels’ was spurred by experience too. Upon receiving a call requesting such a service, Joseph realised the convenience of the same. “Initially, we provided nursing-related services like changing urinary catheters and ryles tube at home. After a while, I met Dr Biju Bobby, who shared a similar thought. With his 37 years of experience, we initiated ‘Doctor on Wheels’.

On average, we do around eight consultations a day, except on Sundays, within Ernakulam city limits. We prioritise those who’ve taken appointments and provide free service for those who cannot afford it. We’ve been told that the project is highly beneficial and a blessing for many,” he said.

‘Doctor on Wheels’ provides consultation at homes for the aged, palliative care for terminal illness, weekly or monthly care for bedridden patients, assistance for medical procedures, facilitating physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy, counselling for senior citizens and death declarations. For details, contact – 9539799099.

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