Doctor forced to move out of his house after being called ‘Covid Carrier’ by his neighbours


Medical professionals and healthcare providers are now fighting on a whole new front in the Covid-19 battle. Dr. Madhav, A young doctor in the frontline had to move out of his house and stay at an OYO room after being labelled as a ‘Covid Carrier’ by his neighbours.

Even though the authorities came to his rescue, he was unable to bear the humiliation and psychological trauma.

“I’m staying in an Oyo room. I moved in here with my pet two days ago. I will go to the hospital from here till the lockdown is over,” said Dr Madhav, who is a Medical Officer at Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital.

“I was labelled a Covid carrier. My neighbours started avoiding me… I was humiliated, hurt. They wouldn’t even allow my maid to enter the housing complex,” he added. The housing complex management, however, denied he was ill-treated.