Dhriti Banerjee


Dhriti Banerjee Bio

Dr Dhriti Banerjee, has been appointed as the 18th Director of Zoological Survey of India.  Apart from being an eminent entomologist, she is the first lady Director of the 105 year old prestigious institute

Banerjee began her scientific career as a PhD student on drug abuse and its effects on human physiology. She has received several national and international grants for her master’s and doctoral studies. Her interest in the environmental and natural sciences led her to join the Zoological Survey of India and the Ministry of the Environment to conduct research on India’s enormous biodiversity. She traveled extensively across the country, studying fauna diversity in tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and ecosystems. In addition, she is involved in a long-term study on biodiversity in the Himalayas and examines the possible effects of climate change on the fauna of the Himalayas.

 Dhriti Banerjee Bio   
NameDhriti Banerjee
Date of BirthFebruary 06, 1970
Age51 years
FatherK D
MotherChhaya Banerjee
Research interestsTaxonomy, Molecular Systematics and Biodiversity of Diptera.
Distribution, GIS Mapping and Climate Modelling of Flies ( Diptera)
Forensic Dipterology.
Trophic interactions and community relationship in flies of varied ecosystems.
Taxonomy, ecology, diversity of Pollinating, Predatory, Necrophagous and Vector Diptera.
Haematology, Endocrinology & Biochemistry of murine models treated with commonly abused psychoactive, Schedule H drugs
Physiology of drug abuse in human drug abusers.
Academic Qualifications:B.Sc. (Hons.) - 1991
M.Sc. (Zoology) - 1993
Ph.D. - 1999
National Eligibilty Test (NET) 1995