Delhi Customs seizes over 5 lakh masks, sanitizers, 952 PPE kits being smuggled to China


The Delhi Customs seized a huge amount of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits, masks, raw material, and sanitisers which were being smuggled to China, officials said.

Amid the crisis of protective kits during the fight against increasing coronavirus cases in India, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), on March 19, had banned the export of all ventilators, surgical, disposable (2/3 Ply) masks, and textile raw material for masks and coveralls. Export of Alcohol-based sanitiser was banned by DGFT on April 7.

According to officials, on the basis of intelligence, Air Cargo, Delhi Customs intercepted multiple shipments containing 5.08 lakh masks, 57 litres of sanitiser in 950 bottles, and 952 PPE kits at the courier terminal, New Delhi. It was being smuggled out of the country.

The department has also seized 2,480 kg of raw material for masks which was being smuggled to China.

“The goods were declared as packing materials for pouches and were being smuggled to China. These goods are prohibited for export as per the latest DGFT guidelines,” the officer said.

The Delhi Customs has started an investigation in the matter.