COVID-19 is the creation of Radical Capitalism says CPM Leader M.A.Baby



The CPM leader MA Baby has come out with the claim that Covid-19 is the creator of the capitalist and ultra-capitalist economy that has become widespread in the world. MA Baby finds that the creators of Covid 19 are a capitalist economy. The Comrade seems to have forgotten that Covid 19 originated in China. “The world is in a war today. We are rallying against it.” He goes on in his video.

The CPM theorist demands that the fight against Covid should be turned into an anti-capitalist struggle, just as Lenin sought to turn the Civil War into an internal liberation struggle during the First World War.

There has been a wave of ridicule and criticism against the CPM leader on social media and now the trolls have taken over. The message has been compared to Comrade Kottappalli’s revolutionary appeal in the film Sandesham.