Coronavirus: Watch life in COVID-19 lockdown for Bollywood actor Salman Khan


Bollywood actor Salman Khan had another Instagram surprise for his fans on April 10 – a video of himself having breakfast with his ‘love’.  The actor was seen referring to a horse as his love as he shared glimpses of his life under lockdown. Khan shared the video from his Panvel farmhouse in the Indian city of Mumbai where he is currently staying in isolation as a coronavirus precaution. The video has gone viral in India.

In the clip, Khan is seen chewing on the grass himself before feeding it to the horse. At one point, he can be heard saying that the grass is good.

The 54-year-old Dabangg actor, has 31.5 million followers on the social media platform and has recently taken to Instagram to show how he is spending time in isolation. Another video he shared shows him going on a horse ride. For the caption of the video, Salman wrote: “Being taken for a ride…”

Bollywood actors and tens of thousands of fans have also commented on both the videos. Khan has previously shared videos, urging people to stay at home and thanking those who understood “the gravity of the situation,” and followed the Indian government’s order for a complete lockdown.