Chennai racer reveals why Ajith doesn’t come out


Everyone knows that actor Ajith doesn’t come out to public events at all for many years now. He is only seen on screen and very few times outside like when he comes to vote or at his children’s school events. While he has never revealed the reason as to why he doesn’t come out, Chennai biker Alisha Abdullah has revealed why the star actor chooses to stay indoors. Biker girl Alisha Abdullah, is known to have great respect for Ajith and has had numerous interaction with the star actor. Alisha’s father, RA Abdullah and Ajith have raced together on many occasions.

Sharing photos of Ajith during his racing days, with fans crowding around him, Alisha posted, “The reason Ajith sir doesn’t come out in public, people don’t give him privacy,this was one of the events on the race track, where people didn’t allow him to even walk.Another pic of our thala @ajithFC sir he couldn’t even move an inch, this as the last day he decided not to come out..

It is to be noted that in one of her earlier interviews, Alisha said she considers Ajith her godfather.