Chennai bakery owner arrested for Islamophobic advert stating “No Muslim Staff”



32-year old owner of Jains Bakeries and Confectionaries in Chennai was arrested yesterday, for a blatantly Islamophobic advertisement. Allegedly, the Chennai-based man was selling his products with the words, “made by Jains on orders, no Muslim staff”, on the contact card for the bakery. A photo of the card was also forwarded to WhatsApp groups.

The advertisement went viral on Twitter and sparked outrage, with people saying it was unnecessary to mention the words “no Muslim staff”.

Tweep @Vikram09636352 asked: “When it is a Jain bakery, it is obvious that he will have only have Jains as employee and workers. Then why does he specially need to mention ‘no muslim staff’?”

On Sunday, a complaint was lodged against him saying the words depicted Muslims in a bad light and Mambalam police registered a case. He was taken into custody after the advertisement went viral causing outrage. They arrested him based on a complaint that says he spread “misinformation about Muslims,” and tried to create communal tension.

While most tweeps urged people to stop spreading communal disharmony and Islamophobia, some wondered why the man was arrested.

Tweep @saisrini129 asked: “What’s wrong with Jain Bakery in saying we don’t employ Muslims? It’s his own organization and isn’t he free to hire anyone he likes?”

Tweep @Pradeephere clarified: “We shouldn’t discriminate against any community. It’s against law and humanity too. Noone is forcing a private Jain bakery to have a Muslim chef. But, mentioning it is outrageous and casteist.”

And @twittydoodle posted: “Jain Bakery’s mistake – Instead of writing ” No MUSLIM staff,” he should have mentioned ” Strictly Dharmic”. Uncalled tensions and issues.”

India is a secular country, and according to the country’s constitution, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of religion or caste. The Indian Penal Code section 295 (a) states that a person can be arrested for committing a deliberate or malicious act with the intention of outraging a person’s religious feelings and beliefs.