CBSE Class 9, Class 11 students who failed will appear in school exams once more


CBSE has decided to give a never-before-seen opportunity for students of CBSE Class 9 and Class 11 students who have failed in their school exams by allowing them to appear for the school exams once more in these extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This one-time opportunity is being extended only in the current year in view of the unprecedented conditions of Covid-19. This benefit is a one-time measure and will not be extended in future,” The CBSE notification clarified.

Since schools, colleges and other educational institutions have been temporarily shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, every family is stressed and anxious.

The circumstances are even worse as so many people are confined in their homes, at times with no other outlet. Tensions are running high and the Central Board of Secondary Education has taken the problems into account by announcing the decision in a CBSE notification dated May 13.

CBSE getting queries from students and parents both

“They are experiencing mental stress and anxiety. Parents are worried about salaries, health of family etc. In this difficult time, children who have not been able to clear school examinations will be even more upset,” said the CBSE notification.

“The queries of such students are constantly being received by CBSE. Queries from parents are also being received continuously. At such a difficult time, all of us will have to make joint efforts to relieve students from stress and to help them mitigate their anxiety,” the notification added.

Which CBSE Class 9 and Class 11 students can appear for exam again?

CBSE said that this opportunity for CBSE Class 9 and CBSE Class 11 students is applicable both for students who have already appeared for their school-based final exams and whose exam results have been released, or in cases where the exams have not been completed due to the lockdown.

“This facility is to be extended irrespective of number of subjects and attempts,” said the CBSE notification.

School re-exams can be online or offline or innovative

The re-exams that CBSE schools have to conduct for the CBSE Class 9 and Class 11 students who failed their school-based exams may be conducted online or offline or could be innovative tests.

The tests have to be conducted after providing remedial classes and the promotion of these students can be based on the re-exams or re-tests.

“Before holding the test, the schools will give sufficient time to the students to prepare,” said the CBSE notification.

“It is once again reiterated that this exemption is to be extended to all the students even if they have been given the opportunity earlier to this notification also,” it added.

CBSE Class 9, Class 11 students to be promoted directly: HRD Minister

HRD Minister Ramesk Nishank Pokhriyal had announced on April 1 that due to the Covid-19 pandemic preventing schools from carrying out final exams smoothly, he had asked CBSE to promote all students of classes 9 and 11 on the basis of internal assessment marks in schools.

CBSE Class 1 to 8 students would be promoted directly to the next class.

He announced the same again today via Twitter.

“In view of the unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19, I have advised all CBSE schools to provide an opportunity to all students, who have failed in 9th and 11th to take online/offline tests,” wrote the HRD Minister.

“I have also asked schools to provide adequate time to the students for the preparations of re-tests,” he added.

Meanwhile, CBSE students are still awaiting the full schedule for the CBSE new board exam dates for the 29 subjects which will be tested after the lockdown. The HRD Minister had announced last week that the pending CBSE board exams would be carried out from July 1 to July 15