Ayurveda takes a place on the menu cards at health cafes and spas


Ayurvedic nutrition is being noticed at Health Cafes and Spa in Bengaluru.’Moon Milk which is a concoction of ayurvedic herbs and kitchen spices has become very popular and is best known to help with relaxation. It also strengths the body’s immune system, relieves stress, increases energy levels during the day and balances the adrenal system. While traditionally moon milk is prepared with cow’s milk, vegans can also have it with coconut milk, almond milk or cashew milk,” says Swasti Aggarwal, culinary strategist at Foodhall, which has a special moon milk zone.

Chef Manish Uniyal, as a part of Hyatt Centric’s recent wellness menu, has introduced the ‘Amrit Mahal’ pal payasam made using milk from the Amrit Mahal breed of cattle, native of and exclusive to Karnataka. In fact, legend has it that Tipu Sultan used these strong animals to carry heavy military equipment during the war against the British.
When it comes to food, the milk of the Amrit Mahal cows also finds a mention in ancient texts for its nutrient content and ayurvedic properties that help maintain balance between the three fundamental bodily bio-elements or doshas called vata, pitta and kapha. “Now, people are more cautious about what they eat while travelling since they are off their regular regimen. Wellness is on top of the mind and this payasam, along with other well-rounded healthy foods, keeps them happy,” Uniyal points out.

Mimansa, a new wellness café has an ayurvedic store and a yoga studio all in one. It also has an ayurvedic doctor in the café who recommends the food best suited for different doshas, founder Malika Suri says.Many of the dishes at Mimansa is made in accordance with ayurvedic practices.As a rising number of people opt for ayurvedic treatments for certain ailments, their diets naturally tend to follow the principles of ayurveda, nutritionist Parvathy Menon says. However, there are certain medicines that also prescribe avoiding milk and curd, which could upset a balanced diet.