Artificial Intelligence to help nab Traffic Violators


In Kerala, cameras are being installed with the help of built-in intelligence (artificial intelligence) to catch those who violate motor vehicle laws. The Department of Motor Vehicles has handed over the proposal of Keltron to the government. 100 cameras are to be installed in each district in Kerala. The estimated cost is 150 crore. Currently there are 240 cameras to detect excessive speed and red light.

The camera unit can be set up according to the requirement. For example, if the camera unit is instructed to detect those without a helmet, only those without a helmet will reach the control room. The same applies in the cases of not wearing the seat belt and those jumping the red light.

The Department of Motor Vehicles tested the built-in cameras 2 months ago. The experiment with the help of Sidak was successful and the vehicle numbers of those who did not wear the helmet reached the control room. The camera was able to distinguish those with hats on their heads and those who wrapped their head with cloths. The cameras can work with more precision when it comes to securing number plates. The location of fixing the cameras has not been decided.