Arif Hussain Theruvath


Arif Hussain Theruvath is an ExHomeopath, ExMuslim, Atheist, Science Enthusiast, Humanist. He used to practice  at Homeopathic Medical Center in Mattancherry, Ernakulam. He completed BHMS from Dr. Padiar Memorial Homeopathy Medical College in 2009. Later on th Travancore-Cochin Medical Councils (TCMC)  suspended his registration as they found that he abused homeopathy through social media and speeches.

Dr. Hussain, however, said he had stopped homeopathy practice some time ago. “I have been campaigning against the unscientific nature of homeopathy. It is naturally causing some heartburn among its practitioners. They could have addressed the issues I am raising. Instead, they are trying to stop me by the use of force and misuse of power,” he said, adding that he would continue criticism nevertheless.

An organisation named Ex-Muslims of Kerala is being run in Kerala and Dr Arif Hussain Theruvath is the president of this organisation.

He used to fast during Ramadan, studied in a madrassa in the southern state of Kerala, followed fundamentalist Islamic preachers online and prayed five times a day. But over time, he grew disillusioned with Islam, and he officially came out online as an “ex-Muslim” in 2019.

His rejection triggered consequences. His wife left him and he can’t see his children. But Theruvath, 35, doesn’t regret the decision and has now become an active part of the Ex-Muslims of Kerala Facebook community spun off from a broader atheist group in 2019. He participates in online discussions and puts out YouTube videos criticizing the religion.