Anand Mahindra’s “Heavy-Duty Nostalgia” Video takes you down the Memory Lane


Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to share a video that is sure to take many down the memory lane. The 64-year-old businessman shared a collection of short clips with a note saying: “To fellow baby-boomers out there; some heavy-duty nostalgia.” While sharing the video – which shows a number of objects, games and snacks that many would remember from their childhoods – Mr Mahindra also predicted that the business of nostalgia would only grow in the post-COVID world, when everyone would yearn for the “good old days”.

The video features a number of things that baby boomers – and even ’90s kids – will remember doing. From rewinding a cassette with a pencil, eating Little Hearts and Parle-G, covering school notebooks with brown paper, using multicoloured pens and more – the video is full of stuff that would look familiar to anyone who grew up in India.

Mr Mahindra also revealed his favourite part of the two-minute-long video. “My favourite was about putting brown paper covers on school notebooks with your mum,” he wrote on the microblogging platform.

Since being shared online, the video has collected nearly 64,000 views and 7,000 ‘likes’. It has also been inundated with comments from people reliving their favourite childhood memories after watching it.