Anand Ahuja – Mr. India’s Son-in-Law

Anand ahuja bio
Image Source: Anand Ahuja’s Official Facebook Page

Mogambo Khush Hua – That’s what Anand Ahuja must have thought when he fell in love with Sonam Kapoor. It was no love at first sight. Ahuja was actually trying to set his friend up with Sonam. But fate had something else in its kitty. They ended up together. However, it would be unfair if Ahuja is only referred to as Sonam Kapoor’s husband. Despite having a rich father with an already successful business, he decided to set up his own clothing store – Bhane. He is also the owner of a sneaker store. Anand Ahuja is extremely successful and skilful in his own field.

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Did You Know

  1. Anand Ahuja is a firm believer in numerology. He changed his company’s from Bhaane to Bhane.
  2. Anand never became complacent in spite of knowing that his family-owned business was and still is running successfully with impressive profits. He worked as an intern at Deutsche Bank. Later, he became the production manager at Amazon.
  3. Anand is very close to his siblings. If you scan his Facebook posts, you will find him extremely intelligent, humble and friendly.
  4. Anand loves to play Basketball.
  5. He is a lover of sneakers and he has made a business out of it! The name of his sneaker-brand is VegNonveg.