Amul thanks India for all the Love with nostalgic videos of ads during ‘Ramayan’ & ‘Mahabharata’


Amul has always been buttering our lives with a dash of humour and even during the  times when the country prepares to get on in the third phase of the lockdown.

As the period of social distancing began, blockbuster epic mythological shows of the 1980s – ‘Ramayan’ and ‘Mahabharat’ – returned to the small screen, and became an instant hit with the present generation. And along with the shows, directed by Ramanand Sagar and BR Chopra respectively, dairy products brand Amul also chose to serve a portion of the past decades with television commercial made in the ’80s.

The Anand-based brand took to Twitter to share a compilation of the ads, and the love that it has received from fans all over the world.

In another tweet, Amul thanked the people for their love and support. In the 47-second video post, it wrote that “36 lakh farmers, 5000 drivers and teams across 80 dairy plants are working hard to make sure that people keep getting their favourite Amul products during these tough times”.

Some of the ads that struck a chord with its 207K followers were from 2014 on Amul Ice Cream and Amul Butter.

The new cartoon featured the iconic Amul girl standing in the middle with a television set each on either side. In one of the television sets, Lord Ram is seen while the other one had American sitcom ‘Big Bang Theory’ streaming on it.

The Amul mascot is seen announcing ‘Ramayan’ as the winner with her hand smeared in butter raised in the direction of the TV featuring the Indian series.

The doodle titled ‘The Biggest Bang’ had another text on it which said ‘loved by millions.’

Doordarshan started re-telecasting the 1980s shows from March 28 onwards.