Alcoholics turn good Samaritans over Lockdown Period


In Kerala, the strict COVID-19 lockdown has made 29 alcoholics in Neerkunnam east to give up liquor. They now go about helping the local community.

The 29 people, who have formed a WhatsApp group, save the money they would have otherwise spent on alcohol and use it to buy food grain to distribute them among villagers.

They have so far given 5 kilograms of rice each to 150 houses in the locality. Besides, they have also sponsored food grain for 150 people through the community kitchen in the Ambalapuzha West Panchayat.

On Saturday, they distributed vegetable kits to 150 households. The kits were distributed by district panchayat member A R Kannan.

Seven members of the group, which was inaugurated by anti-liquor activist I Shefeek, have now decided to give up alcohol completely.