A Mother’s day Special- Coronavirus Positive Woman gives birth to triplets after being denied treatment by 7 hospitals


[align=”aligncenter” width=”1920″] A 24 year old Covid-19 positive woman gave birth to triplets at the civic-run BYL Nair Hospital at Mumbai Central. “It is miraculous that 40 Covid-positive women have delivered in Nair Hospital so far, but not one of the babies is Covid-positive,’’ said principal secretary Manisha Mhaiskar, who is overseeing Covid-19 hospitals in the city. Nair Hospital has 110 maternity beds for Covid-positive women.[/caption]

Nair Hospital doctors said the young woman arrived at the hospital last week in an ambulance. “She was rejected by the doctor and hospital where she had been going for the past nine months because she tested positive for Covid,” said a doctor, adding she was turned away from six other hospitals as well. Dr Ganesh Shinde, who heads the gynaecology department, said, “We had to ensure she didn’t deliver before time.” The woman delivered two boys and a girl through Csection. Assistant professor Dr Padmaja Kumbhar, who carried out the delivery along with a team of doctors, said Csection was only done where necessary. “The woman had conceived naturally and this was her first pregnancy.”

Dr Shinde said that Covid-19 positive mothers have been allowed to breastfeed their babies wearing a mask. The childbirth experience has changed with extended families no longer allowed to be around. “We allowed her husband to be in the hospital,” he said.

A senior doctor said that most women who come to Nair Hospital have been rejected by the doctors they had signed up with for delivery. “Once they get a Covid report, the hospital or doctor refuses to deliver them. We got a woman from a famous address in Bandra whose family, too, seem to have abandoned her. She came all alone to Nair Hospital in a private ambulance with no family member. Such fear is unfortunate,” said the doctor.