A Fairy Tale Wedding Match Made on the Streets of Kanpur


The power of love can lead to pretty incredible things and a wedding which took place in Kanpur, UP has won hearts all over. The low key affair was the was the wedding of a beggar and a driver who met each other while the latter was distributing food during lockdown in Kanpur.

Anil and Neelam’s love story began when Anil was distributing food on the instructions of his employer. One day, he came across Neelam, who was begging on a footpath near Neer Sheer crossing in Kakadeo area of Kanpur.

Neelam’s father died a long time ago and her mother suffered a stroke, following which her brother and her sister-in-law threw them out of the house. With nowhere to live and limited food in had, she took to begging on the footpath.

” As we had nothing, I started begging on the footpath with others. The lockdown made life even more miserable. But it had a silver lining too. During the lockdown, Anil used to come every day with his employer to distribute food to the poor,” Neelam told the newspaper.

At that time, Anil started talking to Neelam and came to know her predicament. One day, he convinced him to give up begging.

As daily interactions began, the two developed a friendship that blossomed into love. Then one day, Anil proposed to Neelam and the couple decided to get married at an ashram while maintaining social distancing.

The wedding was solemnised at Lord Buddha Ashram while maintaining social distancing. It was attended by several other activists.