77% Indian women cheat due to boredom; 45% increase in same-sex encounters among married people


For many of us, marriage is the bond between two people who will remain faithful to their partner in good times and bad. But excess of options at the workplace, social-media platforms, and online dating sites are making Indians rethink the traditional approach to commitment.

According to a survey conducted by Gleeden, an extra-marital dating app for married people, the number of people looking for a third party has increased. The app now has over 600,000 users aging between 34-49 years and the data they provide about extra marital affairs is eye-opening.

Here are some of the many reasons for why women cheat on their partners:

  • 77% of Indian women cheat because they are bored by their monotonous married life.
  • Since the Supreme Court of India abolished section 377 which criminalized same-sex extra-marital relationships, there was a +45% increase in same-sex encounters among married people.
  • India’s most unfaithful women live in the big metropolis: Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata are in the top 3.
  • 31% of unfaithful women have already had an affair with one of their neighbours.
  • 52% of women and 57% of men have already cheated on their partners during a business trip.

Going by the stats, it seems that the Indian audience is slowly but surely moving towards the idea of open/free relationships and are even open to exploring it after getting married.