70 year old Woman drags 100-year-old mother to bank for pension


A 70 year old woman from Odisha dragged her 100-year-old man on a cot to the bank to withdraw her pension. The woman took the step after the bank demanded physical verification of the account.

In March this year, the Centre announced a monthly pension worth Rs 500 for women Jan Dhan bank account holders. The pension which would be provided from April to June was an attempt of the government to help people financially during the coronavirus outbreak. The scheme falls under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan package.


Video Courtesy : Hindustan times

The district collector, however, claimed that the woman reached the bank before the manager could visit her home for the verification. The incident surfaced when a video of the incident went viral on social media.

The 100-year-old woman was identified as Punjimati Dei. Dei is a resident of Naupara district in Odisha. On June 9, Dei went to the Naupara branch of Utkal Grameen bank to withdraw Rs 1,500 from her mother’s bank account.

District collector sides with bank

Allegedly, Ajit Pradhan, the bank manager asked Dei to bring her bed-ridden mother Labhe Baghel to the bank. District collector, Madhusmita Sahoo said that the woman did not wait for the bank manager to visit her home.

Sahoo said “As the bank is managed by a single person, it was difficult for the manager to go to the woman’s house the same day. However, the manager had assured her that he would visit the woman’s house the next day. Before he would visit, the woman had dragged her mother on a charpoy to the bank. “