5 surprising habits of Anil Ambani


Most people know that Anil Ambani is the younger brother of billionaire business magnate Mukesh Ambani. Once one of the richest people in the world, the 61-year-old businessman recently faced massive financial problems that would have landed him in jail if his big brother hadn’t bailed him out.

However, business aside, did you know that Anil Ambani is a health freak, extremely punctual and a great listener? Discover five surprising habits of the less fortunate Ambani brother.

He wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning to exercise


Believe it or not, being rich doesn’t automatically mean a life of ease. Six days a week, Anil Ambani wakes up at 5am and jogs or runs for 18km. He also does yoga to improve his running. He participates in local and national marathon runs and his kids are rooting for him to win one day.

He sets strict diet rules for himself

Anil Ambani starts his morning with a banana, some cereal and protein milk. For lunch and dinner, he eats sprouts, lentils and two chapattis (flat breads). He snacks on fruit but avoids eating sweet fruits with sour ones. Furthermore, Anil Ambani won’t touch white flour, milk products, sugar or iodised salt. He doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.

He listens to people, even if they challenge his viewpoint

Anil has made a habit of listening to people’s suggestions and acting on them. When an investor questioned Anil’s commitment to his personal health (at a time when the business magnate weighed a whopping 103kg), Anil completely changed his diet and exercise habits to lose weight. When Anil’s mother, Kokilaben, told him to take measures to ensure his investors didn’t lose money, Anil made the drastic decision to exit the wireless telecom business.

He has a strict routine

Anil sticks to his daily schedule. He shows up at work at 9:30am and leaves work at 9:30pm. He goes to bed at 10:30pm sharp every single night.

Anil Ambani enjoys not only collecting cars but driving them as well. He has been spotted behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz S-class (W221), Mercedes-Benz S-class (W222) and Lamborghini Gallardo.